Discover the Best Yealink VoIP IP Phones at Yealinkshop Kenya

Efficient and reliable communication tools can significantly enhance productivity and ensure smooth operations. If you are looking for top-notch VoIP IP phones, Yealinkshop Kenya offers an impressive range of Yealink IP phones tailored to meet various business needs. Here, we spotlight some of the best Yealink VoIP IP phones available at Yealinkshop Kenya.

Yealink SIP-T31P – Classic Business IP Phone

The Yealink SIP-T31P is a cost-effective and powerful business IP phone. It features a large 132×64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight, providing a clear visual display for easier interaction. The T31P supports two SIP accounts, making it suitable for businesses with moderate call traffic. It also includes HD voice, dual 10/100 Mbps network ports with integrated PoE, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies communication.

Yealink T30P – Entry-Level IP Phone

For businesses seeking an affordable yet reliable VoIP solution, the Yealink T30P is an excellent choice. This entry-level IP phone comes with a 132×64-pixel LCD screen and supports a single SIP account. Despite its simplicity, the T30P delivers HD voice quality, ensuring clear and professional communication. It also features dual 10/100 Mbps ports and integrated PoE for easy network setup.

Yealink SIP-T33G – Classic Business IP Phone

The Yealink SIP-T33G is designed for small to medium-sized businesses looking for robust communication tools. It features a 320×240-pixel color display, supporting up to four SIP accounts. The T33G offers HD voice technology, dual gigabit Ethernet ports, and PoE support, providing an enhanced user experience. Its intuitive design ensures efficient call handling and management.

Yealink SIP-T43U SIP Phone

The Yealink SIP-T43U is a versatile and feature-rich IP phone, ideal for dynamic business environments. With its 3.7-inch graphical LCD and support for up to 12 SIP accounts, the T43U caters to high-volume communication needs. It includes dual USB ports, allowing for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB headset connections. The phone also offers HD voice and dual gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE support.

Yealink SIP-T46U IP Phone

For businesses requiring advanced communication features, the Yealink SIP-T46U is an excellent option. This high-end IP phone boasts a 4.3-inch color display and supports up to 16 SIP accounts. The T46U includes dual USB ports for enhanced connectivity, HD voice, and dual gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE support. Its sleek design and powerful functionality make it suitable for executives and professionals.

Yealink SIP-T48U SIP Phone

The Yealink SIP-T48U is a premium IP phone designed for superior communication experiences. It features a 7-inch color touchscreen, providing an intuitive interface for users. Supporting up to 16 SIP accounts, the T48U is ideal for executives and high-level managers. It includes dual USB ports, HD voice, and dual gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE support, ensuring seamless and efficient communication.

Yealink W60P Wireless DECT IP Phone with Base Station

The Yealink W60P is a wireless DECT IP phone solution, perfect for businesses requiring mobility. The W60P includes a base station and a W56H handset, offering HD audio quality and extended battery life. It supports up to 8 simultaneous calls and 8 handsets, making it an excellent choice for dynamic work environments. The W60P ensures flexibility and freedom of movement without compromising on communication quality.

Yealink W56H Business HD IP DECT Phone

The Yealink W56H is an additional handset compatible with the W60P base station. It offers HD voice, a large 2.4-inch color screen, and up to 30 hours of talk time. The W56H is designed for businesses that require multiple handsets within their DECT system, providing reliable and high-quality communication.


Yealinkshop Kenya offers a diverse range of Yealink VoIP IP phones to cater to different business needs. Whether you are looking for an entry-level phone like the T30P or a high-end device like the T48U, Yealinkshop Kenya has the right solution for you. Explore their offerings and enhance your business communication with Yealink’s reliable and feature-rich IP phones.

For more information and to make a purchase, visit Yealinkshop Kenya.

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